RSC-JAIMA Symposium on Analytical Chemistry 2024

(Formerly RSC-Tokyo International Conference(RSC-TIC))

Bioanalysis for personalized medicine

International Conference Session, JASIS Conference

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and Japan Analytical Instrument Manufacturers' Association (JAIMA) jointly organize the RSC-JAIMA Symposium on Analytical Chemistry 2024 during JASIS 2024, one of the biggest exhibitions of analytical and scientific instruments in Asia. (The name of the symposium will be changed from RSC-TIC (RSC Tokyo International Conference) to RSC-JAIMA Symposium on Analytical Chemistry in 2024.)

In 2024, the Organizing Committee has decided to hold it as an On-site Event (in-person conference).

The RSC-JAIMA Symposium on Analytical Chemistry 2024 focuses on "Bioanalysis for personalized medicine" as the main topic.
For poster presentations, however, we welcome contributions from any area of analytical sciences and technologies as in previous years.

RSC- JAIMA Symposium on Analytical Chemistry Organizers:
Hideaki Hisamoto (RSC Analyst Associate Editor, Osaka Metropolitan University)
Daniel Citterio (RSC Fellow, Keio University)


Date September 5-6, 2024
Venue Makuhari Messe, Chiba


Association JAIMA, RSC

RSC-JAIMA Symposium on Analytical Chemistry(Hereinafter RSC-JAIMA) will be held as part of "JASIS 2024 (Japan Analytical and Scientific Instruments Show)". Please ensure that you have pre-registered for “JASIS 2024” on the website before visiting RSC-JAIMA.
RSC-JAIMA and JASIS are free to attend.

Invited Lectures

The list of invited lecturers and detailed program will be announced in due course.

Flash Presentation & Poster Session

A poster session covering topics such as development and application of analytical instruments, including sample preparation methods and data analysis, will be held in Makuhari-Messe.
We welcome submissions from academic, public institutional and industrial researchers.
We also welcome ongoing projects and proposals of collaboration.
Each poster presenter will give a short “Flash Presentation” before the session.

Important schedule for application for poster presentation

- For participants requiring an early notice of acceptance (e.g., for visa application, international travel preparation, etc)
Deadline to register for poster presentation:May 31
Deadline for submitting poster abstract file:May 31
- For participants not requiring an early notice of acceptance
Deadline to register for poster presentation:July 5 July 12 (Deadline extended)
Deadline for submitting poster abstract file:July 5 July 12 (Deadline extended)
- For all participants with accepted abstracts
Deadline for submitting flash presentation file:August 20

Poster Presentation Awards

- RSC Best Presentation Awards
- Poster Presentation Award

JASIS 2024

JASIS 2024, the largest Japanese Exhibition on Analytical Instruments, will be held in Makuhari-Messe (International Exhibition Hall) between September 4-6. We hope the presenters and attendees to enjoy both scientific discussions in the session and catching up cutting-edge analytical technologies on the exhibition floor. (Admission Free)

Venue (Makuhari Messe)

Direct airport limousine bus services
50 min from Narita Airport,
60 min from Haneda Airport

Train (JR Keiyo Line)
35 min from Tokyo Station

International Conference Hall 2F
International Conference Room

Contact information

Kenji Ito
JASIS 2024 Secretariat (located within the Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers' Association)
TEL: +81-3-3292-0642 E-mail: