The 2nd Heritage Cergification Ceremony

The 2nd commemorative certification ceremony was held in September 4th in JASIS 2013 (Makuhari, Chiba). During the exhibition periods, the 2nd certified items and the panels that are explained were displayed in the venue. This certification program in 2013 was expanded not only to the JAIMA/JSIA members but also to the general applicants. 26 items (19 applicants) were applied to the 2nd Certification. The certificated items (15 items) were also displayed as their panels, instruments and their history in the exhibition hall of JASIS 2013.

Selection Committee members for heritage of analytical and scientific instruments

Chairperson :Yoshimasa Nihei (Professor emeritus of The University of Tokyo)
Itaru Ishii (Director of Department of Science and Engineering, National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo)
Akira Ishitani (Advisor emeritus of Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology)
Masaaki Kubota (Director General of NIMC, Advanced Industrial, Science and Technology (AIST))
Keiichi Furuya ((Professor emeritus of The Tokyo University of Science)
Hiroo Yahasaki (Professor emeritus of The University of Tokyo)
(*same as 1st Heritage Certification Ceremony)

List of the 2nd certified instruments and items

No. Titles Applicants
21 Microscope, Tnanaka's Osaka University INOUE, Ryo
22 PORTABLE MIXER Satake Chemical Equipments Mfg Ltd.
23 The first stage Electron Emission Microscope in Japan Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials,Tohoku University
24 Beckman DU Spectrophotometer Beckman Coulter K.K.
25 Beckman Ultracentriguge Model L Beckman Coulter K.K.
26 Automatically-recording X-Ray Diffractometer Geigerflex D-1 Rigaku Corporation
27 X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Geigerflex SX CAT.NO.3063 Rigaku Corporation
28 Intrared Gas Analyzer for industrial Use GA-1 HORIBA, Ltd.
29 Portable Combustible gas detector FM-1 KOMYO RIKAGAKU KOGYO K.K.
30 Reporting Auto Titrator RAT-1 Hiranuma Sangyo Co., Ltd.
31 Model IR-G Grating Infrared spectrophotometer JASCO Corporation
32 Surface Tensiometer Kyowa Interface Science Co., Ltd.
34 Shimadzu High Performance Liquid Chromatograph LC-3A SHIMADZU CORPORATION
35 Pocket-size water quality analyzer for on-site measurement with unique flat sensor technology HORIBA, Ltd.

The 2nd commemorative certification ceremony
(JASIS 2013 (Hotel New Ohtani Makuhari) )

The 2nd commemorative certification ceremony to the certified companies was held in Sep. 4 (Hotel New Ohtani Makuhari) in the JASIS 2013.


Introductory speech by chairperson of the Heritage Certification Program Committee (Honorary professor Yoshimasa Nihei at Tokyo University)


Mr. Ryo Inoue (Osaka University) received the certification
(No. 21)

Certified organization's representatives and Committee Members

Certifications display
(Panels, Instruments/items and their History) (JASIS 2013 (Hall 8))

The certificated instruments and items (15 items) were displayed as their panels, instruments and their history in the exhibition hall of JASIS 2013 (Hall 8).


Certified instruments and items (Panels)


Instruments and items (Front) and their History (Left Back)

Brochure (Guideline, certified instruments and items, and their history)
(24 pages, Color) (PDF file (8.9 MB))

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