JAIMA Analytical Instruments Guide

"JAIMA Analytical Instruments Guide 2023 -Chapter 1 Analytical Instruments for Laboratories-" is available here.

Analytical Instruments Guide - Chap.1 Analytical Instruments for Laboratories
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About “JAIMA Analytical Instruments Guide”

The JAIMA Analytical Instruments Guide has been very well received since its publication in July 1983. It is widely used as a handbook on analysis methods not only by member companies of the Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers’ Association (JAIMA) and exhibition participants, but also by people involved in analysis and evaluation, users of analysis results and students studying analysis.

This JAIMA Analytical Instruments Guide was edited by the Technical Committee of JAIMA based on manuscripts written by specialist engineers involved in analysis and evaluation at member companies belonging to JAIMA, and provides a concise description of the latest analytical instruments and their applications.

The first chapter was further reviewed in 2019 to make it more complete. External experts have also been invited to supervise the book to enhance its content.

Analysis and evaluation technology is used in the construction of our country's intellectual infrastructure, as well as in cutting-edge research and development, factory quality control, environmental measurement and medical diagnosis, and we hope that this booklet, which compiles the principles, applications and uses of the analytical instruments at the heart of this technology, will be of use to those involved in future projects.