Mission Statement

The mission of the Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers' Association (JAIMA) is to contribute to the development of the Japanese economy and the cultural lives of citizens in Japan through efforts to improve and advance technologies related to analytical instruments and the analytical instruments industry for the purpose of the advancement of science & technology.

In our daily life, numerous analytical technologies are applied in many fields, such as for ensuring food security, environmental conservation management, and the diagnosis of illness. Also, analytical technologies have been effectively used to develop various new materials that contribute to everyday life, as such materials are used in a lot of new products.

Approximately 20% of all Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry, or physiology or medicine have been awarded to inventors of analytical theories or developers of analytical instruments or technologies. This fact proves that analytical technology has supported a lot of innovation through the advancement of science.

Analytical instruments and technologies have played a significant role in the emergence and development of science & technology.

In addition, the improvement of daily life through IoT or big data analysis has been attracting attention recently. Sensing technology is essential for this. Analytical instruments would thus be expected to play more significant roles as a gateway for translating substance characteristics into data for the future.

JAIMA is hopeful that it can help improve science & technology, the economy, and people's lives through the support of our members, who devote themselves to the improvement and sophistication of analytical instruments.