Advanced Diagnostics Forum


Report for the "Advanced Diagnostics Forum"

In collaboration with A*STAR: the Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research, JAIMA held a forum " Advanced Diagnostics Innovation" on 24 March (Monday) 2014 in Singapore.

70% of the participant are researchers, members of the A*STAR. Others are from venture companies at Biopolis, or nearby visitors from universities as well as some foreign countries. The total participants are 130, (the Application Registrations are 198). As a very successful PR, the forum strengthened a presence for advanced Japanese analytical measurement technologies of Bio related instruments.

For further information, please check: JASIS_singapore_ADP_Forum.pdf ( 1.51MB )

Advanced Diagnostics Forum


Advanced Diagnostics Forum
Organized by JAIMA, Co-hosted by A*STAR-BMRC

In collaboration with the (A*STAR) Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research, JAIMA will hold the forum on the theme of "The Advanced Diagnostics Innovation" in March 24 (Monday), 2014 in Singapore.

Date : 24 March 2014 Monday 9:00 - 16:40
Singapore Venue : A*STAR (Breakthrough and Discovery Biopolis, Matrix Building)
Organizer : JAIMA (Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers' Association)
Co-host : A*STAR-BMRC
Registration : Free

The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (AstarSTAR) is the lead agency for fostering world-class scientific research and talent for a vibrant knowledge-based and innovation-driven Singapore. AstarSTAR oversees 14 biomedical sciences and physical sciences and engineering research institutes, and six consortia & centres, located in Biopolis and Fusionopolis as well as their immediate vicinity.

JASIS (Japan Analytical & Scientific Instruments Show) has newly been renamed in a commemoration of the 50th holding celebration of the Analytical Instruments Exhibition (JAIMA EXPO organized by JAIMA: Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers' Association) as well as the 35th holding in Tokyo of the Scientific Instruments Show (SIS organized by JSIA: Japan Scientific Instruments Association).

JASIS is now trying to establish a new program named "Advanced Diagnostics Innovation" in order to accelerate in near future advanced diagnostics using an analytical instrumentation, high technological devices, tools and chemistry at the new market creation in 2013. JASIS will have a great opportunity to make any business alliance possibility between Japanese industry and AstarSTAR/Biopolis where a lot of interesting applications are developed at an increased rate.

We wish the Advanced Diagnostics Forum will be able to give you a great opportunity to open a door in your business development in Life Science market.

About the forum

Forum Title : Advanced Diagnostics Forum
Organizer : Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers' Association (JAIMA)
Co-host : A*STAR - BMRC
Date and time : March 24 (Monday) / 9:00 - 16:40
Venue : Breakthrough and Disvovery Biopolis, Matrix Building
Capacity : 150 people (Tentative)
Language : English
Registration : Free

PROGRAM (24 March, 2014)

Venue: Theatrettes Breakthrough and Discovery, Matrix Building, Biopolis

9:00 Registration

9:30 Welcome Address
1) Benjamin Seet (Biomedical Research Council, A*STAR)
2) Haruhisa Takeuchi (The Ambassador of Japan to Singapore)

9:45 Keynote Lecture
The Singapore Bioimaging Consortium: From Genes to Man
Patrick Cozzone (Singapore Bioimaging Consortium, A*STAR)

Harnessing the Power of Genomics for Clinical Application
Christopher Wong (A*STAR GIS / POLARIS)

Collaborative Platforms for Digital Pathology and in vitro Hepato-toxicity Testing
Isabel Hui (A*STAR, IBN / Invitrocue)

10:45 Short Break

10:55 JAIMA's Approach to Advanced Diagnostics
Takeshi Kawamoto (JAIMA)

Invited Session

11:05 Technologies for High Sensitivity Diagnosis
Yoshihiko Suda (Konica-Minolta Inc.)

11:35 Industrialization of Genetic Testing with Microarrays
- Introduction of Japanese microarray platform companies -
Hiroki Nakae (Japan Micro Array Consortium)

12:05 Buffet Lunch - Poster / Booth Session
Invited Session (cont'd.)

13:00 Magnetically Promoted Rapid Immunoassay Systems Using Functionalized Fluorescent Magnetic Beads
Kotaro Terada (Tamagawa Seiki Co., Ltd.)

13:30 Microscopic Thermometry in a Living Cell by Fluorescent Nanoprobes
Madoka Suzuki (WABIOS, Waseda University)
Presentations by JAIMA Member Companies

13:50 Advanced Imaging & Mass Spectrometry Analysis for Early Diagnosis of Critical Illnesses
Sandy Nargund (Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd.)

14:20 Improving Allergy Diagnosis by Simultaneous Detection of Various Allergens by Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging
Chiraz Friedman (HORIBA Scientific) and
Ramdane Benferhat (HORIBA (China) Trading Co., Ltd.)

14:50 Coffee Break

15:00 Advancing the Elemental Dynamics of Life Science Applications with Tandem Mass Spectrometry
- Japan's and World's First Agilent 8800 Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS (ICP-QQQ)

Masahiko Endo (Agilent Technologies Japan, Ltd.)

15:30 The Next "Paradigm Shift" in the Research of Biological Sciences with JEOL
Anindito Sen (JEOL Ltd.)

16:00 Introduction of Latest Technologies and Applications on Scanning Electron Microscope
Masamichi Shiono (Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation)

16:30 Closing Remarks
Kentaro Hayashi (Managing Director, JAIMA)

NOTE: The aforementioned program is tentative and subject to change without notice.