JAIMA Symposium held at Pittcon 2024


The Japan Analytical Instrument Manufacturers’ Association(JAIMA) will be holding “JAIMA Symposium” at “PITTCON 2024 Conference” on February 26 (PST).

JAIMA has been organizing symposia on advanced analytical technologies (Japan Symposium) at the exhibition since 2008 as part of its globalization efforts. Since 2017, in conjunction with JAIMA's expansion into the life science field, the JAIMA Symposium "Analytical Solutions for Biopharma & Biotherapeutics" has been held under the theme of analytical solutions in advanced drug discovery.

This post-coronavirus year, you're here to gain insight into the latest analytical solutions powered by data science. Discover innovative approaches to improve the efficiency and accuracy of drug development. Learn how advanced analytical techniques can deepen your understanding of molecular structure, dynamics, and function. Explore strategies to identify and validate biomarkers for "mechanisms of action" and "off-target effects."

About Pittcon 2024

Pittcon(The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy):

One of the world's largest conferences and exhibitions of laboratory equipment, with more than 18,000 participants from companies, educational institutions and government agencies from more than 90 countries

Overview of Pittcon 2024 JAIMA Symposium
1. Name:Analytical Solutions for Research, Development & CMC of Novel Modalities of Drugs ~ Comprehensive Understanding of Molecular Structure, Dynamics and Function
2. Date & Time:Monday, February 26, 9:30–11:40 (PST)
3. Venue:Room 31A
San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA
4. Lecture and Lecturer:
(Not yet Confirmed)
  • Automated Real Time High-Speed Microdroplet Reactions to Increase the Throughput of Therapeutic Protein Characterization
    Dr. Krishna D.B. Anapindi (Gilead Sciences Inc.)
  • 3D Structure of Monoclonal Antibodies in Solution by Electron Density Topography
    Dr. Joseph Ferrara(Rigaku America Corp.)
  • Targeted Multi-Omics strategies enhance Bioanalytical workflows in identifying and validating biomarkers used to define “Mode of Action” and “Off Target Effects” in drug development.
    Dr. John Sausen(Agilent Technologies Inc.)
  • Collaboratively Advancing Compact Liquid Chromatography for Supporting Process Understanding and Automating Analytical Instrumentation in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical R&D
    Zachary Breitbach(AbbVie, Inc.)
  • To be announced
    Dr. Michael Rerick(GSK)

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JAIMA Symposium at Pittcon 2024 (Poster)